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May 19th, 2011

We have been used to a steady stream of lacemaking books over the last few years and Roseground has brought you most of them as they have appeared. Last year though, saw something of a pause for breath – although Ulrike Voelcker’s Rib & Roll book was amongst some notable exceptions and was deservedly well-received as a result.  But now, in the last couple of months, we have seen the pace hot up.

It probably started with Jane Atkinson’s beautiful book on modern lace, Contemporary Lace For You – a book packed with ideas and supported by superb photography, taken on location in Dorset.  Anyone with even the slightest inclination towards experimenting with modern designs is sure to be inspired with this one.

Then came Invisible, mentioned in an earlier post, in which Martina Wolter-Kampmann describes in excellent detail, her techniques for achieving invisible starts and finishes – even supplying a DVD to support the very thorough text.

We have been used to – and in awe of –  major works from Ulrike Voelcker which seem to appear almost annually. This year,  however, there is no large hardback but her many fans should not despair, as they can settle perhaps  – just this time ! – for her latest booklet,  Jewelry with Beads which is packed with patterns for earrings, hair clips and brooches – enjoy !

Hinojosa Lace, a Spanish braid lace, was developed in the early part of the last century in a small village of that name, in south-west Spain. For several decades it provided work and an income for most of the women there but, as demand declined, the skills within the population were soon also in decline. For some time now there has been a renewed interest  in the lace techniques and now, after years of research, Marina Regueiro has produced Hinojosa Lace – History & Technique (shown above), an impressive and attractive work that is sure to be popular.

And, don’t let us forget the tatters !  For several years now we have seen a stream of immaculately produced books from Japan which have provided new inspiration to tatters around the world. Although we have sometimes been confused by the use of the same title –  ‘Tatting Lace’ – for all of the different books in the series, we have only too happy to live with the confusion to have the pleasure of these wonderful books – yes, they are written in the Japanese language but the illustrations and diagrams are superb and most experienced tatters  soon find themselves happily working the patterns. The latest is by Sumi Fujishige and its available from Roseground now.

So plenty of interest already and, we hear, more in the pipeline. One thing for sure, you will find all that is new at Roseground !



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