Invisible – But Here Now !

April 26th, 2011

All of us want to make neat starts and finishes – even avoiding those annoying knots on the back of the lace – and this latest book from Martina Wolter-Kampmann explains how to do it in all the detail you will need.

Here, you can learn to use the ‘lazy loop’ to work finishes – in many situations – that are not only invisible on the front of the lace, but also invisible on the back!   The book is packed with 700 diagrams and photographs which explain every step – and, so that you can look over her shoulder while she works the techniques, Martina has included a DVD in the back of the book.

Martina Wolter-Kampmann is an established and respected lace teacher and designer, based in Germany.  Her early training included studying  textile design at the University of Dormund and a thorough grounding in bobbin lace at Le Puy and at the Kant Centrum in Brugge.

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