Plenty of New Lace Books !

October 21st, 2017

Wow! – There are certainly new lacemaking books a’plenty at Roseground this year.

We really must start with a real heavyweight – in more ways than one! Barbara Corbet’s latest, ‘Mailänder Spitze – Milanese Lace – Yesterday and Today‘ is a comprehensive text on a popular lace technique, packed with both how-to and patterns to do. OK, it’s a little expensive, but its 240 pages in hardback – and a welcome alternative to paying overblown prices for the out-of-print alternatives when they so rarely come on the market.

A new Bedfordshire book was also overdue, so Louise West’s ‘Bedfordshire Lace Designs‘ is certainly a welcome addition. Derby-based Louise has become well known as a designer and teacher and a specialist in this lace form. With 29 patterns in the book, there is something for everyone – beginner and expert.

The very large number of Idrija Lace enthusiasts will not want to miss the latest from the Idrija Lace School. ‘Bits of Lace 3‘ offers another 15 projects – from simple to complex – so, as usual, there is something for everyone.

Ulrike Voelcker is a very popular designer and author who can always be depended on to deliver an excellent book each year. And, they are usually full of excellent and original ideas – and always well presented. This year it is the turn of Valenciennes to get the Ulrike treatment with ‘Valenciennes – Früher und Heute – Past & Present‘, which presents 20 beautiful patterns, ten reconstructed by the author from mainly 18th and 19th century laces and ten new designs by the author herself.

Withof lace has its enthusiasts who have waited a long time for something new in print. Now, in ‘Withof Lace … Before and After‘ Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof gives us a combination of techniques and eighteen patterns, old and new.

Kumiko Nakazaki’s latest is also sure to please both Binche enthusiasts and animal lovers – irresistible of you are both! ‘My Friends‘ is in a pack of nine cute animal patterns – cats, dogs and rabbits – mostly Binche but one uses Flemish and another Duchesse techniques.

And there’s more – take a look at Kirsten Skov’s ‘12 Hearts in Danish Torchon‘ for heart-shaped decorative pieces, ‘Florale Sterne‘ by Elfi Krüger, for stunning star shapes in a variety of techniques, ‘Les Couleurs de la Dentelle aux Fuseaux‘ by Claudine Chanteloube and Caroline Panthier Sabot, for modern jewellery and accessories using coloured threads to great effect, Brigitte Bellon’s latest, ‘Spitzen und Einsätze‘ for edgings and insertions and Odette Arpin’s superbly presented ‘Polychromie & Dentelles‘ for mainly jewellery and accessories using Cluny techniques with coloured thread.

We are sure you will agree – we are really spoilt for choice this year

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